leonidas roses

 THE LEONIDAS ROSE     perfection in terra cotta roses !


The Leonidas Rose is truly beautiful and unique because of its terra cotta & cream bi-colour effect. The terra cotta can vary from cinnamon through to nearly orange with the backs of some petals being cream or pale yellow. There simply is no other rose like Leonidas. High class florists, floral designers and professional demonstrators adore working with leonidas, especially in exclusive summer wedding flowers and luxurious autumn events. Leonidas roses are commonly blended with hypericum, mango calla lilies and leucospermun but will compliment any occasion however they are arranged.

Brown and terra cotta roses are very far and few between and this is no surprise - Leonidas roses fit the bill so well that there has been no point re-inventing the wheel & breading similar varieties.

Leonidas roses are usually sold in stems lengths of 60cm tall. They are not a long stemmed rose but still have a good sized flower head. Leonidas roses are also a favourite in the flower trade because of their reliability. Leonidas roses always open beautifully, have strong stems and a good petal count. Leonidas roses are mainly grown in Holland and Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Leonidas have slightly bigger flower heads, (because they are grown at high altitude), and are usually 'browner' in colour.

If you are considering using terra cotta roses for a special event, don't bother looking any further because you have know found the perfect example. There is no other rose like Leonidas!

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